StyleROLO: Revolutionizing Beauty Business Management

StyleROLO: Revolutionizing Beauty Business Management

Are you a beauty expert overwhelmed by piles of paperwork – scattered and crumpled throughout your workspace, compromising the efficiency of your business? Choose StyleROLO: a web-based beauty salon management tool designed to streamline client management and appointment bookings, helping you eliminate the need for paper – letting you work clutter-free. It helps makeup artists note down client preferences and allergies, right under their profile for easy access and ensuring safe services are delivered by beauty experts every time. With appointment notes, you can store specific information pertaining to each appointment digitally rather than depending on paper-based notebook. Isn’t it amazing? – What more can the beauty experts desire? An all-in-one platform to access all the information at one single point, creating a relaxing and breathing space for both salon professionals and visiting clients. Sure, it is!  

Let’s take the example of a bride-to-be. We all know how particular brides are with specific needs for their big day. They may have planned something specific, right down to the brand and color code for the look of their big day and when they reach out to the makeup artist, YOU can now note down all their requests in the appointment being scheduled and even upload sample pictures for reference of the bridal look they want to get. Once they are in the magic chair, you can open the saved appointment to edit it with more information and upload the trial look. Unbelievable service isn’t it!! Wait, the excitement is not over yet! Happy with your artistry and the work done during the trial, use StyleROLO’s portfolio sharing feature to inspire customers and makeup artists alike, giving you access to a much bigger clientele.  

StyleROLO, is a single application where you can manage all your clients, appointments, and portfolio of work. No need to buy a phone with additional storage or use multiple applications like a camera, gallery, notes, and contacts to do what can be done by one and only StyleROLO. 

Inspired by the classic Rolodex, this digital platform works to store your client’s information along with their service history with you. So, whether you’re a beginner starting your beauty business or an established one looking to scale up – StyleROLO is the solution – a simple and intuitive web app for all types of beauty experts and beauty businesses.  

Read below are the five coolest features of the unpretentious StyleROLO making your salon management effortless: 

1. Simplified Dashboard 

StyleROLO is not about extravagance; instead, it offers a practical solution with a dedicated console designed specifically for beauty experts committed to their businesses. Intending to simplify appointment booking management, StyleROLO acknowledges the turmoil and turbulence often faced in typical salon environments due to mismanagement. At the forefront of its design are two prominent slates: one displaying the number of clients and the other showing upcoming appointments.  

2. Intuitive Calendar 

StyleROLO offers an interactive calenda for beauty experts allowing them to view upcoming client appointments easily. Within this feature, beauty experts can hover over dates to view multiple bookings on the same day. Clicking on a specific date directs them to the ‘client’s appointment’ page, where they can input all necessary information. This includes the client’s name, scheduled date, agreed-upon timing, and session duration.  

Additionally, beauty experts have the option to set notification timers to remind them beforehand. These timers can be configured for five different time frames: (i) at the time of the appointment, (ii) 10 minutes before, (iii) 30 minutes before, (iv) 1 hour before, or (v) 1 day before. Salon professionals can also add pictures of their clients and delete or update them upon request without requiring them to go through the appointment allotment process all over again.  

3. Client Management 

This section is dedicated solely to the customers’ information and acts as an “all-you-need-to-know” section of the modernized rolodex. On the first page, beauty experts can view their client’s basic details like name, email, and phone number. To add a new client simply click on ‘Add New Client’ and key in the required information and click ‘Save’. Within seconds, that record is saved and made available in your client list. To edit a client record, click on the name of the client, where you can update your customers’ basic information and if you scroll down, you’ll see more sections pertinent to your clients’ reserved appointments, notes, and their appointment pictures.  

The ‘Client Notes’ is where you can add given instructions and particulars to help you meet your client’s requirements without compromising on their time and money. This section also allows you to save their preferences and allergies to help you articulate customized beauty care procedures for them. Next is the ‘Appointment History’ section where you can check out entries along with appointment dates and notes, helping you to keep up with customer makeover preferences without asking them repeatedly.  

Finally, the ‘Client Gallery’ is where beauty experts can upload in-session ‘before and after’ images to showcase their expertise – and demonstrate their competency in the beauty industry. 

4. Appointment Booking 

StyleROLO’s beauty expert booking system is designed to streamline client appointments, enabling salon professionals to circumvent any bottlenecks or shortcomings that may arise within upcoming schedules. Beauty experts can initiate the process by clicking the ‘Schedule Appointment’ button, which directs them to the new appointment section. Here, they can allocate sessions and save any specific instructions provided by clients seeking personalized makeovers to reflect their unique styles and personalities. 

5. Push Notifications and Email Reminders 

Finally, salon professionals can set appointment prompts for themselves, where they can set reminder alerts to keep them mindful of upcoming appointments with in-app notifications as well as email reminders delivered to ensure no appointment is missed or cancelled.  


Ultimately, StyleROLO provides professionals with a well-organized application where they can store client data and relevant particulars to provide them with a personalized beauty experience. This is excellent news for seasoned beauticians and salon owners looking for a simplified digital roster where they can log in – and lodge each client’s details accordingly and run a worry-free operation.  

Are you ready to try StyleROLO to simplify and restructure client and appointment management? We don’t think there’s a better option out there when it comes to a clutter-free platform with a user-friendly interface. 

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