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Are you a beauty expert looking to take your business to new heights? Meet StyleROLO, the ultimate client and appointment management platform designed to empower beauty professionals like you. Say goodbye to scattered notes, missed appointments, and administrative headaches. With StyleROLO, you'll be in control of your beauty business like never before

Inspired by the efficiency of the classic Rolodex, we bring you a modern, intuitive platform designed specifically for beauty experts like you.

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Mastering Beauty, Commanding Success: Your Business, Our Management Magic.

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and hello to success with StyleROLO!
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Effortless Client Management

Say goodbye to scattered client information and missed appointments. With StyleROLO, you can effortlessly organize client profiles, track preferences, and manage appointment histories. Providing personalized experiences has never been easier.

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Seamless Appointment Scheduling

Our user-friendly interface allows you to schedule appointments with just a few clicks. Seamlessly manage your calendarand send automated reminders to keep you informed. Stay in control of your schedule without the hassle.

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Projecting Success

Capture the magic of your work with pictures, creating a visual portfolio for each client and share your success on your social media.

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“The ease of scheduling appointments, organizing client details, and capturing memories with pictures has made my life so much simpler. I feel more in control and can focus on what I love – delivering exceptional beauty services!"




"As a beauty professional, time is of the essence. StyleROLO has become my secret weapon for managing clients and appointments effortlessly.”


Jude Travis


StyleROLO is a well-thought-out web app solution for barbers and beauty experts out there looking to raise bars and demonstrate their best beautifying and trimming talents.




“I can't imagine running my beauty business without StyleROLO. The freedom to access my Rolodex from anywhere has given me the flexibility I need.”




“Being able to group clients based on preferences has allowed me to offer promotions that resonate with my audience. It's user-friendly, efficient, and has become an invaluable tool for my success."




"The appointment pictures feature is pure genius! Not only does it create a stunning visual portfolio for my work, but clients also love the personalized touch. It adds a level of professionalism that sets my beauty business apart. StyleROLO has elevated my brand and made managing my business a joy."


Lucinda Alistair


I’ve registered on multiple “barbershop” platforms but this one stands out from the crowd due to its clean and minimalistic design.

Elevate Your beauty business – StyleROLO Launching soon!

Managing your beauty business just got a makeover with our rolodex-inspired client and appointment management platform. We're here to streamline your operations and empower your passion for beauty. Sign up on StyleROLO and experience the difference. Elevate your artistry, master your management, and watch your beauty business thrive.

Welcome To A New Era Of Effortless Beauty Management!
How StyleROLO Works:

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    Sign Up

    Create your account and personalize your beauty business profile effortlessly.

  • group-user
    Add Clients

    Input client details, and watch as your Rolodex comes to life with organized information.

  • appointment
    Schedule Appointments

    Effortlessly set up appointments with a few clicks, and let our platform handle reminders to you.

  • capture-memories
    Capture Memories

    Enhance your client experience by adding pictures to each appointment.

  • share

    Share your Artistry on your social page and let the work speak for itself.

Committed Beauty Experts at your service!

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Efficiency Boost
Streamlined Operations: Effortlessly manage client information, appointments, notes and pictures in one centralized platform, saving you time and reducing administrative stress.

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Business Organization
Client Profiles at Your Fingertips: Access detailed client profiles instantly, empowering you to offer personalized services and create memorable experiences.

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Visual Portfolio Enhancement
Capture Your Artistry: Document your work with appointment pictures, not only for memory's sake but also as a powerful visual portfolio to showcase your skills to potential clients.