How StyleROLO Solves the Problems of the Beauty Industry

Beauty Expert CRM Platform: How StyleROLO Solves the Problems of the Beauty Industry

Are you a beauty expert racing against the clock and playing catch-up with chaotic client appointments and cluttered notes on your unsettled stations? Never fall behind again with StyleROLO. StyleROLO is a modern and intuitive web application and a perfect CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that helps you streamline client appointments, track your service notes and file photos. 

Overall, StyleROLO is a comprehensive CRM booking management tool for the beauty industry – and the perfect all-in-one utility for stylists and makeup artists who struggle to streamline their operations. It seamlessly connects professionals with clients. It’s where innovation meets traditional management and turns it into a modern and intuitive client appointment booking platform.  

Drawing inspiration from the classic Rolodex, StyleROLO is an intuitive digital desk for beauty experts looking for a breakthrough for their business; and to breathe new life into their traditional appointment operations with an efficient client management system. Whether it’s a simple facial cleansing session, a last-minute party makeup request, or bridal trials, StyleROLO meets every demand systematically – and swiftly with its note management functionality.   

StyleROLO: A Beauty Expert Helpdesk  

StyleROLO is offers beauty experts a way to own and display their amazing work through the Stylist Gallery feature, which allows images to be shared on social media for added marketing and building a strong following. 

This rolodex based digital platform is crafted with the specific requirements of beauty experts in mind. StyleROLO remains updated with platform enhancements and features for the beauty experts, to provide professionals and customers with an incredible experience. In return, it facilitates the building of rapport, understanding individual differences, and organizing beauty products and prerequisites ahead of scheduled client appointments. StyleROLO also empowers beauty experts to focus on the art of beauty, taking the hassle of management out of  the equation.   

StyleROLO: Dedicated Features!  

Wait there’s more to roll with StyleROLO. For instance, the following features provide a good overview of this digital product and offer plenty of knowledge to contemplate before considering logging in or buying its services:  

Effortless Appointment Bookings Online  

StyleROLO is a state-of-the-art digital platform that helps beauty experts manage their appointments. Below are some interactive features this exciting new web app for salons offers:  

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation  
  • Automated reminders for clients  
  • Customizable booking preferences  

Beauty Recordkeeping  

StyleROLO helps experts manage their stations and every salon spot according to their client liking. Under each client profile there is a dedicated section to capture client preferences, allergies and any other notes, beauty experts can offer a customized ambiance to suit the clients – leaving a lasting impression.  

Profiling & Portfolio  

Now beauty experts can create their personalized portfolio of the work they do and have complete ownership of the images. They can capture images under each appointment and have the option to display all or few in the client’s profile and their own stylist gallery. This helps beauty experts showcase their amazing work at a click of a button.  

Mobile Accessibility  

It’s great to see that StyleROLO goes all-out when it comes to connecting beauty experts and customers via smartphones, tablets, and laptops, even when they’re on the move. Stay connected and manage your salon anytime, anywhere with on-the-go convenience.  

  • Instant notifications for bookings and updates  
  • Remote management of appointments  
  • Time-saving tools for busy salon owners  


With StyleROLO, beauty experts gain make-up momentum, as they can book appointments and rearrange schedules according to top priority with just a few clicks. Isn’t this great?  

So, what is your pick? Those disorganized notebooks with scattered notes and deranged client records or something that works in a snap – with a few steps and taps, customer schedules and personal requests found and loaded? Choose wisely!  

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